The step by step process demonstrates just how easy it is to benefit from NLA Rent on Time.

Step 1

Once you find a prospective tenant or decide to protect the rent of an existing tenant for a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 2 years, visit NLA Rent on Time and register your tenancy. All we need are property details and tenant’s contact details.

Renewal; we write to both the tenant and landlord 2 months before the end of the tenancy requesting what each party would like to do.

Change of occupiers; new occupiers must be referenced to ensure they are suitable for the property, this comes at a fee of £50 plus VAT. Until we have confirmation of the new tenant being accessible, the current tenant remains liable for the property.

Step 2

NLA Rent on Time will start the tenant referencing process via Let Alliance. This will normally take up to 2 working days.

Please note: If you have already completed the tenant referencing process through NLA Full Tenant Check, all you need to do is send a copy of the report to

We do not accept tenant reference checks from any other organisations.

Step 3

Once the referencing is complete, we will contact you to inform you of the results.

If the tenant has passed the referencing, we will progress with your application. If a tenant fails the reference check, we will allow you to reference another tenant free of charge (This is limited to two checks). If further references are required these will be charged at the standard NLA tenant rate.

Step 4

You will be asked to confirm a tenancy start date.

Step 5

For new tenants NLA Rent on Time will draw up the Tenancy Agreement. We will email a copy to the tenants and send a copy to you within our New Tenancy Pack. For existing tenants NLA Rent on Time will continue using your current Tenancy Agreement with addendum or a new tenancy agreement.

Step 6

NLA Rent on Time will collect the 1st months’ rent & deposit from the tenant(s). It is a legal requirement to register your deposit with a government-backed tenancy deposit scheme (TDP). We will register your deposit with my|deposits.

(Minimum of 1 months’ rent must be taken as a Deposit).

Step 7

On the move in date you and your tenant will complete all documents within the New Tenancy Pack.

Step 8

You will be asked to return the New Tenancy Pack (including a signed AST, standing order, landlord agreement, checklist, inventory, check-in report and a copy of tenant & landlord I.D.) to NLA Rent on Time to enable the service cover to commence.

Step 9

Once all the documents are returned, NLA Rent on Time will send you a confirmation letter to inform you that the property is registered and your account has been made active. We will deduct the commission from the first month’s rent and remit to you the remaining amount. You can learn more about fees and commissions here.

Step 10

All future rent will be paid to NLA Rent on Time by the Tenant, while NLA Rent on Time will pay the Landlord via BACS. You will receive a monthly statement confirming this.